How To Earn Money From Paytm Service Agent

How To Earn Money From Paytm Service Agent

Friends, I am going to tell you a very good way to earn money through this post, through this method you can earn 10K, 20K or even more money every month. The work is very easy, you only have shopkeepers Create a merchant account on Paytm and give a QR code and instead of that, you will get money from Paytm company, what you have to do to join this work, how you will get the work, today we are going to tell you the complete information. how to earn money from Paytm service agent

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  • what is PSA agent
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How To Applying PSA..?

Friends, first download the Paytm official application, you will find this application on the play store, after downloading this application you have to open it and here you have to create your account, your account will be late, then you will have to search by clicking search above You will see the link in Paytm Service Agent

First, you have to click on it and you will be redirected to the direct ATM service agent form, then you will have to enter some personal details such as your name address Aadhar card photo after submitting all these details submit below Click on it,

you will have to click on the next page and you will have to enter payment details in the next page, you will have to pay ₹ 500 as advance, instead of ₹ 500 you will get Paytm QR Code and Paytm Barcode Sticker which you will have to give to your customer. You will get money from them.

Free Redeem code

After completing all this process a kit will be sent to your home from Paytm and you will get an email telling you that your account has been activated, then you have to download the PSA app by click here.

Enter your Paytm mobile number and password and log in.

How to earn money from paytm service agent..?

Now you have become the PSA agent of Paytm and you can earn money by starting work now.

You are thinking what you will have to do in this, so let me explain to you a bit, like if you go to a shop, then you will see there is a QR code of Paytm which you scan through Paytm app and pay on it. And buy the goods from the shopkeeper, how to earn money from Paytm service agent

then your job is to go to the shops and give that QR code and link their QR CODE with their Paytm account, that’s all you need to do and you have to link a QR code Get 300 MONEY If you visit 5-6 shops a day, then you will earn 20,000 MONEY comfortably in a month.

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