blog banakar paise kaise kamaye - seo friendly post kaise likhe

blog banakar paise kaise kamaye – seo friendly post kaise likhe

Friends, if you are searching on google, blog banakar paise Kaise kamaye. So you have come to the right place. We will tell you in this post that your blog banakar paise Kaise kamaye and SEO friendly post-Kaise likhe. I have told the complete information in this post.

Friends, if you want to earn money from the internet, then the best blogging. There are many people who are earning millions of rupees. If you also want to earn money by blogging, then read this post completely. Friends, as you know, everything is being done online.

blog banakar paise kaise kamaye - seo friendly post kaise likhe

Before starting blogging

Friends, you must have some important things before you start blogging. Like a smartphone or a laptop cue to write a good blog for you. And your internet connection should be good. And a little bit of English should come because friends when you create a blog/website on blogger or WordPress if you have any problem then you can solve it

  • what is blogging
  • domain and hosting
  • blog Kaise likhe
  • SEO friendly post-Kaise likhe
  • blog banakar paise Kaise kamaye
  • Blogger vs WordPress


#1 what is blogging 

Friends, if you have the skill of anything. To bring it to the world, you have to create a site on Blogger. And he has to start writing on the site. And similar work is called blogging. And you try to poach your thoughts like what is going on in the world. Write a blog on it, write on some of your new ideas. We mean to say that you write any kind of blog. This is called blogging.

#2 Domain and hosting

Friends, if you do not know what the domain name is and what the hosting is, let me tell you, friends, as your home address is, the same way your blog/website has access to the domain. And hosting means. If you go to any city and get rental rent there,

then the owner will have to pay money. Why are you staying in her house? The same type of hosting is done. You have to get a good hosting for your website where you will host your things. And if you do not have money, you can make a blog/website on

blog banakar paise kaise kamaye - seo friendly post kaise likhe


#3 blog Kaise likhe 

Friends, as you read above, what is a blog, and what is domine and hosting. Now we will see that blog Kaise likhe friends, you have to do keyword research before writing a blog. For example, any topic on which you want to write a post, you will have to search for it. After that, you will have to make a featured image in your blog. And you should have more and more words in the post. Such as 1000 words and a minimum of more than 300.

#4 SEO friendly post-Kaise likhe

Friends, it is very important to write SEO friendly post because you know that there are many posts on google. For this reason, your post will not rank, but if you like SEO friendly posts then you can rank your post. For this, you have to write SEO friendly post. As such,

the search value of the keyword on which the post is written is low. And make that keyword as much as possible in your article, in the starting 100 words and in the post and also in the last one,

do that keyword which makes your starting it That was done to rank your post. And you must do a featured image. And put your main keyword on the Ushi image. And put the related tag of your post in the last. This will increase the chance of ranking your site.

how to write seo friendly blog posts


#5 blog banakar paise kaise kamaye

Friends, right now, let me tell you blog se paise Kais kamaye friends, you have to write 20 unique posts to earn money from your blog. And you have to create some important pages like about us, contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy Have to do it. And once again check everything and apply Nela again for. And as soon as you get. So your earning will start.

#6 blogger vs WordPress

Friends, let me tell you that blogger vs WordPress is good which of these. So friends, both of them are good. If you do not have money, then you can start from blogger but you do not get more features on blogger and if you talk about WordPress then you get this unlimited feature.

And on this, you get your approval soon. But WordPress will cost you. Such as hosting and domain. So you have to make a blog on it, you can make it.


Friends like I told you in this article that blog banakar paise Kaise kamaye and SEO friendly post Kaise likhe hope that you would have liked this article, if you liked this article then you must tell us by commenting in the comment box below. . thanks for reading my article.