money making apps for android phones

money making apps for android phones

Friends, if you want to do a part-time job in free time, that too with your Android phone then you have come to the right place because in this post today I will tell you about money making apps for android phones where you earn well You can do friends if you work any full time, then, of course, you do that work, but you will also have work part-time on this application so that you can earn a lot, this is an application that you can easily on the Play Store You will get it and if you have to work on the desktop, then you will also get the side of this application,

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which I will tell you in this post further,  a lot of people are using this application to refer to the monthly 20 to 30 thousand, you are earning more on this application. Nothing has to be done, it is a simple fund which I will tell you in this post, if you also want to earn money by working part-time online, in this post, there are some ways mentioned.

how to use nexmoney- {nexmoney details}

Friends now talk about which application or site it is, then the name of that application is nexmoney on this site you get 6 money earning options which I am going to tell you closely. Most popular and most people using it. Refer income friends who earn money, this application gives you a level income that you will get for lifetime free and on this application, you will get your own or your family’s mobile recharge, bill payment, dish TV recharge, online shopping and many more You can work on which you will get a good cashback which you can take in your bank.

how to create nexmoney account 

Friends, it is very easy to create an account here, first you have to come to this nexmoney site, after that you will see the login and signup button on the right corner, then you have to click on the sign-up button to create a new account and as When you click on the sign-up button, a new page will open in front of you,

then you will have to fill some personal details like your name, email id, password, and your mobile number and after entering this, you will see the referral code here So here you have to enter a referral code if you do not enter the referral code here, then your account will not be active here,

for this you must enter the referral code here, so you have to copy the referral code of anyone and there Paste on and click on the Sign-Up button and your account will be successfully created here and as your account gets created, you will get ₹ 50 as a bonus, you can use it to recharge. money making apps for android phones

Fix cashback plan – {nexmoney income plan }

3% all recharges {mobile,DTH}

25% bills {electricity,water,etc.}

5-10% insurance {bike,health, etc.}

5-10% bookings {hotal,bus,train}

7-30% nexmoney merchants

10-70% nexshoping

10% nexshopee

How to make money from referrals

Now let’s talk about how you will get money by referring as if you know now everyone in this world definitely has an Android phone and nowadays everyone’s phone also has internet connection and there will be many people around you Smartphone will be what you need to do simple. You have to create a good account on this site like I have told you above and after following this tapes you will have a good account, after that, you have to open this application and copy your referral link and make it your friend And you have to share this link on any WhatsApp group or Facebook group, whichever person will use this application with your gender, then you will get the benefit of that. I have given some details about this site program below.

referral income plan; – 1] level  team 5 ✖ 300  income=1500

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