how to earn money from meesho app

how to earn money from meesho app

If you want to do work where you do not have to invest zero and start your own business, then in today’s post I am going to tell you about how to earn money from meesho app, one such platform where you do not invest ₹ 1 You have to do this, you can earn good Kashi from zero investment on this platform, then the name of that platform is Meesho app. You can do this work very easily from your home and from here you can earn a lot of money and on this application, there are many people who are making money and increasing their work. You are also now on meesho application Start working, on the meesho application, you do not need anything to create an account, here all you need is a smartphone and internet connection, so you can start your business from here

what is meesho app

Friends meesho application is one of the best such applications where you get a chance to start your business. This application is an e-commerce application and here you get a lot of different types of products at a very low price if you buy these products. If you want to do it, you can also buy it,

if you share these products in your friend family, then you can also earn money from these products, that’s why I told you that you have to use this application and from here you get the monthly If you can earn 25k to 30k thousand, then you have to earn money inside meesho application, I will tell you in this post with details, then read this post completely.

how to create meesho account

To make money on friends meesho application, first of all, you have to create a cellar account here too, you do not need any kind of document here to create a cellar account, here you only and only your smartphone and your mobile You will need a number of documents such as Amazon and Flipkart on other platforms to join their affiliate marketing program here. But inside the meesho application, you do not need any such document.

First of all, you should have a meesho app, after that open the meesho app, then enter your number and your number will be interchanged by adding an OTP to it and then click on Next and complete your profile here. Now your account has been created. Right now you will see many products on the home page of the meesho app. Now click on any product you want to shear, as soon as you click on those products, then you will see an option to set the margin, then you will have to set your own margin on it.

how to earn money from meesho app

Friends, now let’s talk about how to earn money from the meesho app. Friends, there are many people on the meesho application who are earning thousands of rupees. That is also one of the best applications from their home. You get a good commission and anyone can do this work like a college student, housewife, even if you are an old man, still you can do this work from your home and from here you can earn good money.

The first thing to do is to open the meesho application and there you will find a lot of products, then whatever product you have to share among them. By clicking on that product, you have to set the price of that product and copy the link to that product.

If you want to share that link with your friend or you have a WhatsApp group or on the Facebook page, then you have to share this link as much as you will share it, and if any of your gender If you purchase the product, you will get its commission inside your meesho application, then what you need to do is to share the link as much as you want and after sharing those products your commission will be added within meesho apps then there With this you can take direct bank account. So this is how the meesho app works in it.

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