Top 5 video editing app for android

Top 5 video editing app for android

If you are searching on Google Top 5 video editing app for android then you have come to the right place because in this post today I will tell you about the Top 5 video editing app for android and what I will tell you now. There is a free application and here you can do video editing of absolutely professional types and whatever features they have, I will tell you about them with details so that you can get more help from friends as you know now is the age of online and It is easy to get all kinds of jobs in the era of online. If you talk about online, you have many platforms like YouTube where you get the job of editing videos,
if you put videos on YouTube by editing videos well then you will If you get enough money from there, then you can earn a lot of money by editing videos on any kind of platform, so in today’s post, I will tell about the top 5 video editing app for Android, so let’s start.

#1 VN video editing lite

So the first application in our list is VN video editing lite, on this application you can do high-level video editing, here you will get lots of text font, transaction, effect, Croma key, and animation. But if found, you can do professional video editing from this application as well and an application is absolutely free, you will find it easily on the play store and as soon as you open this application,

then you will get the gallery open, then from there If you want to edit any video, then you will have to input this video, then after that, you have to give any kind of animation transaction and effect here, then you can give it on that video. You will edit the video after that, to save the video, you can see above the option of save, then click on it, here you will take a little time, then this video will be saved in your gallery. Can edit

#2 prism live studio

The second number comes in our list prism live studio. This app is absolutely free, you will find it very easily on the play store, so what you have to do is first of all install this application, after that prism live studio app has to be opened and After opening there, you will have to add an account with an email ID and as soon as you create an account, you click on your camera,

then your gallery will open, then from there, you will have to edit any video. You have to add inside this application, after that, you can give effects, transitions, animations here, and one of the amazing features of this application is that here you can save videos in full HD, that too absolutely free if If you liked this application then you can use i

#3 Action Director video editor

The third number video editing app in our list is Action Director video editor friends. If you want to do a professional video editing, then you need to do color grading very much in it, then the Action Director video editor application has a lot of color grading inside it. It is a wonderful feature that I have liked so much, so first of all you have to install this application, will get it completely free on Play Store, from there you will open this application like that,

after that you have to add an add to those videos You have to edit the video, after that, you will get a lot of features here like color grading, transaction, animation, effects, and stylish fonts. And according to your needs to save the video by editing one, if you liked this application then you can also use this Action Director video editor app

#4 Quik editor application

If you like doing status video editing and you like to edit videos as soon as possible, then this application is best for you because you get some free templates for doing very Quik videos or status video editing on which You only have to apply images and if you want to edit videos,

then you get free video templates here, then you have to click on them and your video or your photo gets a template, then from this application, you can edit any video or any photo right away, if you like this application, then you can install this application absolutely free, you will find it on the Play Store.

#5 kinemaster video editing

If you want to do professional video editing, it is also absolutely free and as soon as possible. The best application is Kinemaster and this kinemaster you have many people who use and within a few minutes editing the video from this application and here you get a lot of extra features such as adding layers and here You can export the video in Ultra HD, if you are looking for a good video editing app to edit some kind of status video or YouTube video then

it will prove to be very good for you because I myself can edit this video If you use this kinemaster application, you can also use this kinemaster application, you will get it absolutely free on Play Template link

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