What is a Fau-G Game - Complete Information

What is a Fau-G Game – Complete Information

Friends, nowadays there are many people who have played the game to pass their time, one of them is the pubg which has been closed by the government of our India and there are many people who used to play it but now ban it After pubg can not play the game, for this, there is some game company that makes the game.

They have launched a game, its name is fau-G means it has not been fully launched yet, a post of this is going viral. Due to the post, it is running on very trend right now, on this topic, you will get a lot of post videos right now and everyone is telling that it is going to be launched on the 10th or the 15th,

but something like that Also, it will take a lot of time to launch, so in today’s post, I will tell you the complete information about the fau-G app, which company is the game and when you will get the fau-G app, I will tell you in this post, read this post completely.

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What is a Fau-G Game – Complete Information

As you all know and the Fau-G game is about to be launched in India, this Fau-G game was first uploaded by Akshay Kumar on Twitter and uploaded the poster of this game in the most Fau-G game discussion.

Has come and many post videos have been made on this game and it is a copy of a pubg game as you used to play the game inside the pubg in the same way you can play inside this Fau-G game and you will soon Fau-G will be found which you can run on your smartphone or PC and this game is from India,

its company is in Bangalore, the name of the company that makes this game is ncore games and this game is from Surrey Developer India. And this company claims that 20% of the money it earns from this game will go to India’s Soldier, it is a good thing because this Fau-G game belongs to India and wants to take something for India.

How to play Fau-G game – Complete Information

As you know, the Fau-G game has not been launched yet, but the way it has been told, on that post, I am telling you accordingly how you can play this game. And you will also get the app store and you can play this game easily in your smartphone or pc and this game will be completely online and inside this game, you will get high graphic design and this game is completely like pubg

The way you used to play the game inside the pubg, in the same way, you can also play inside this game if you want to live stream, you can also do it easily on this game. There are many people who are gaming on YouTube For those who have opened channels, this game will prove to be very good because there are some different features inside this game that the gaming channels need.

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