Top 5 photo editing apps for android

Top 5 photo editing apps for android

Friends, nowadays everyone likes to take photos and it is an easy thing to share those photos on social media and as many new smartphones are being launched right now, I have a very good camera in a low Price and these smartphones It happens that we would have taken a good photo but we do not have a good photo editing app to edit those photos,

then in this post today I will tell you about the top 5 photo editing apps for android where You can edit photos absolutely free and share it directly on your social media account and if you have more time,

you can also earn money with the help of these photos, that means if you edit someone’s photo, you will give these applications. With this, the person in front can also give you money.

if you have learned to edit the best photo with the help of these applications, then after that you create a profile on Instagram and keep uploading your photo there to Delhi

so that your followers will also grow and the people in front will ask you to edit the photo. Give them photo editing and you can earn money from them, so let’s talk about which is the top 5 photo editing apps for android

#1 photo editor pro 

Friends come first in our list Photo Editor Pro, this application is an absolutely free application, you will find it on the play store, which you can install absolutely free and this application is very light weight application.

The size of this application is only and only 15 MB and this application is the application of a very big company such as these short applications that you all know that these short applications are very popular, in the same way,

that this company’s application and a special thing of this application looks very good.

In this application, you get a Hundred Plus filter which you can apply in your photo and if you want to tax on your photo then you can also put it here, you get a lot of unlimited fonts, very stylish after that. Here you also get the option to adjust them and on this application,

you can save your photos in HD You can also remove the background of your photo in one click within this application, this is a very amazing feature, after that, you get a picture here and if you have to adjust your body like if you want to adjust your body

If you want to thicken, then you can make it thicker and to dilute it you can also thin it., on this application, you will get many features, if you use it then you will know it

#2 Enlight pixaloop

The second number comes in our list, Enlight pixaloop, on this application you would really get lotus features, if you want to add life to your photo, then you must use this app

because in this app you get live motion effect if you get natural photo Like if you have sky in your background, you can give animation to it,

if you have a water pole in your background, then you can also put animation there and if you want to put text on your image then you have to be very stylish on this app You can get the text,

and here you can save the photo in HD quality and the application will be available absolutely free, if you want to use then you can use it

#3 PicsArt

The best photo editing app is PicsArt, as you all will know, picsart application is very famous and this application is used by many people and the big creators who use it and by editing photos from this picsart

application Earn money too and let me tell you that you can edit your photos very easily on the picsart app.

After that you can add new types of effects to your photo and the picsart application that is available for absolutely free, you can install and use it absolutely free and if you want to take premium features, then you should give this app You have to purchase it, you can also do it easily if you can use it

#4 snapseed

Friends, number 4 of our list is the application on snapseed application, you get very unlimited features, that too for free and this application is a special thing that I like very much. You can whiten which makes your photo look very good and inside this application, you get some different filters and on this,

you get some already frames which you can apply to your photo and stylish font inside this application You can also find it and you can save your photo in full HD inside this application and you can install this application absolutely free from play store

#5 lightroom 

Now the last and best photo editing app of our list is lightroom, this app is the best and most useful application, I use this application myself and edit my photos from this application, you can also install this application.

You will find it in the play store and within this application, you will have to create a small account,  it also becomes absolutely free, after that your photo will have to be inserted here and after that,

you can do good color grading to your photo. Ho And inside this application, you get a lot of colors which you can apply on your photo,  like if there is the green color inside your photo, then you will see color grading inside this application, then you will have to adjust there accordingly.

Green color will be less inside the photo, it will make your photo look better and in this way, you can give a good look to your photo by grading your photo well enough color, and from here you can also share the photo directly on your social media. If you have to do this application then you can do it.

Top 5 photo editing apps for android

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